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You may contact us directly on: 076 992 4453

Wondering if you make furniture for storage and books etc for classrooms?

Absolutely we custom build all types of furniture according to your needs. I’m more than happy to meet and go through it with you and quote.

Can you custom build any type of furniture using any kind of wood?

Absolutely. We normally require a picture of the piece of furniture you have in mind and we will build something similar to that but to allways have safety in mind first, especially when it comes to childrens furniture. We will provide you with a final design render when we discuss the types of wood, finishes and price . For very specialised custom furniture we do require a 50% deposit and balance on delivery.

How long does it take to rebuild a new kitchen?

The time involved depends on the size and complexity of the kitchen involved. Generally from start (the design) of the kitchen till completed installation takes about 4 weeks. The average time that it takes to dissemble and install the new kitchen after the carcasses and doors, kitchen tops have been manufactured is one week. We will discuss this disruption with you at the start of the project.

Do you do the small kitchen plumbing or electrical works when custom building a kitchen?

We we can handle small electrical or plumbing work but whenever a qualified plumber, electrician or gas installer is needed we will get qualified people to assist us in delivering a professional custom-build kitchen as per your desires.